Emma Savage, Founder and Creative Director of Empiric, a creative strategy consultancy, has +20 years of extensive global experience in the fields of advertising, digital marketing, social media, CRM and direct marketing.


With knowledge of B2B, B2C, and client management from several industry sectors, Emma’s experience includes building, leading, directing, and managing the work of multi-disciplined creative teams. As a project leader, her work fosters collaboration between different business units to implement cost-effective marketing campaigns in alignment with the strategic direction of a company and its long-term branding strategies.


Throughout Emma’s career she has closely followed the evolution of consumer behaviour and the need for brand and technology experiences. As a passionate advocate for the creative product, Emma’s global experience in developing innovative, multi-channel creative campaigns that outperform business objectives has impacted clients in sectors including Automotive, IT, Pharma, and Finance.


Critical to this success is her creative leadership and direction in bringing brands to life. Building high-performing global teams with disciplines in digital marketing, design, writing, data analysis, research and ideation, is fundamental in implementing brand strategies and marketing roadmaps for leading global brands. Emma’s project management and organizational skills ensure efficient workflows, forecasting, and budget management.


Emma’s other passions include yoga and long distance swimming, where she has trained as an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and developing a swimwear business where profits will be used to support women who have been victims of war.